4 facts you didn’t know about insurtech founders

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Everyone talks about insurtech. And it’s no secret that the insurtech space gets more and more diverse. The insurtech idea spreads throughout the whole world with an impressive result: Since summer 2016 we count over 500 startups changing insurance industry with their digital skills. If you take a deeper look at the most important insurtechs, you will find amazing results. You are curious about? So please find out what insurtech has to do with beards and other impressive results on our following infographic.

The majority of the insurtech startups have a lot of things in common. Although they provide very different services. There are a lot of informations about the insurtech scene on the web: It’s all about insurtech sectors, customer service, venture capital or technical backgrounds. But still no one discovered the interesting facts that we found here. Friendsurance is always curious and we are very interested in connecting with others. Because the best you can do as a startup is learn from each other and be inspired by your competitors and fellows.

My team and I took a closer look on the most interesting insurtech startups and their founders and got some surprising results. We proudly present our conclusions in a little infographic. Check it out and feel free to share your thoughts with us about beard styles and insurance pros.


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